By Dani Beit-Or May 17, 2016 What Does Simply Do It Have to Offer You

We’ll try to keep short and simple.
Please know we have more info on Guide Investing here:
Simply Do It helps investors to invest in residential rentals and flips.
We are active in multiple US markets, currently: Nashville, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Houston and Dallas-Ft Worth.
In each of one these areas we have vetted local teams, mainly agents and property manager.
We use our buying power to negotiate better fees and services for you everywhere we go.
We let you use our systems and process to make sure you are making good investment decisions and have unlimited support from us in the process.
Our support to you starts before you buy, during the purchase phase and onto the rentals phase, even years after you have purchased.
We bring vast and long-term experience and want you to benefit from it while investing in real estate so you can succeed like we have.
If you ask yourself why we do it – the answer is simple: per each transaction we get a small fee from you and a cut from the agents commission.
But more importantly when our investors succeed they tell their friends and family about it.

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