Let Us Host Your Educational Webinar

We are delighted to have you sponsoring an educational webinar.

Here are some guidelines regarding your webinar:

  1. We will post your event to the multiple Meetup groups we organize in multiple US metros. Combined through our groups, we have more than 40,000 members – see Locations and estimated number of members at the bottom of this page.
  2. We cannot and don’t guarantee ANY number of registrations. Registration is based on title, topics, marketing info and event pricing.


  1. Speaker/sponsor is responsible for providing the following:
    1. Title of the lecture
    2. Content/description
    3. One event image
    4. Date and time – as agreed together
    5. Event link (zoom, other) – The sponsor/speaker is responsible for setting up the webinar platform (Zoom, go-to-meeting, other)
    6. Marketing email(s) we can use to promote the event (up to 3 leading emails)
  2. We will:
    1. Upload info to our meetup groups
    2. Send weekly updates about the event
    3. Create a landing/registration page
    4. Provide sponsor/speaker an email list of registered people
  3. FYI:
    1. The sponsor/speaker will be running the event without our assistance or help
    2. The sponsor/speaker is solely and entirely responsible for the content and/if products or services are offered

Fee: $1250 $975 per webinar – promotion ends Jan 31st

Next step:

  1. Provide 2 possible dates and times you would like to schedule your webinar
  2. Provide contact info to the liaison person for details needed as specified in section #1
  3. Provide a method of payment (check, credit card, Venmo, PayPal) so we can provide an invoice

For questions or to coordinate a webinar time

    Webinar qualification

    The presenter must provide an educational value to participants and may mention relevant resources and may offer a special offer, BUT must not use the platform for a sales pitch.


    1. Q: Do you offer a fee based on success or results?
      A: We don’t. We don’t have the resources to track your conversation.
    2. Q: Can you help me estimate how many people will participate?
      A: We cannot estimate or guarantee, as a big part of it is based on the topic and content speaker will provide.
    3. Q: Can anyone sponsor/speak?
      A: No. We conduct an initial review of every speaker before deciding
    4. Q: Can I be added to RESmarts.co as a recorded lecture as well?
      A: We can definitely look into it. Please reach out for further information if this option interests you

    Scheduling / Availability

    Webinar are typically once a week, Tue (or Wed.) at 6 pm PST.
    Other days or times of the week can be arranged.


    July 2022 Week 27 Booked
    July 2022 Week 28 Booked
    July 2022 Week 29 Booked
    July 2022 Week 30 Booked
    Aug 2022 Week 31 Booked
    Aug 2022 Week 32 Booked*
    Aug 2022 Week 33 Booked
    Aug 2022 Week 34 Booked
    Sep 2022 Week 35 Booked
    Sep 2022 Week 36 Booked
    Sep 2022 Week 37 Booked*
    Sep 2022 Week 38 Booked
    Sep 2022 Week 39 Booked
    Oct 2022 Week 40 Booked
    Oct 2022 Week 41 Available
    Oct 2022 Week 42 Booked
    Oct 2022 Week 43 Booked*
    Oct 2022 Week 44 Booked
    Nov 2022 Week 45 Booked
    Nov 2022 Week 46 Available
    Nov 2022 Week 47 Booked
    Nov 2022 Week 48 Booked
    Dec 2022 Week 49 Booked
    Dec 2022 Week 50 Booked*
    Dec 2022 Week 51 Available
    Dec 2022 Week 52 Available
    * not finalized
    Coming soon

    Location and estimated number of members.

    Last updated: June 1st 2022

    * numbers and location vary.

    Area/Metro Estimated # of Members Area/Metro
    Estimated # of Members
    Atlanta 3,000 Miami 2,100
    Austin, TX 720 New York city 2,955
    Chicago 1,864 Orange County CA 5,750
    Columbus, OH 575 Philly 0
    Dallas Ft Worth 775 Phoenix 485
    Denver 1,000 San Diego 560
    Houston 1,030 San Francisco 12,920
    Inter 1,000 Southwestern Connecticut 1,150
    Jacksonville, FL 1,200 Tampa 2,200
    Los Angeles 600 Vancouver, British Columbia 1,020
    Estimated Total 40,904