Let Us Host Your Edcuational Webianr

We are delighted to have you sponsoring an educational webinar.

Here are some guidelines regarding your webinar:

  1. We will post your event to the multiple meetup groups we organize. Approximately combined through our groups we have more than 8000 members.
  2. We cannot and don’t guarantee ANY number of registrations. Registration is based on title, topics, marketing info and event pricing.


  1. Speaker/sponsor is responsible for providing the following:
    1. Title
    2. Content/description
    3. One event image
    4. Date and time – as agreed together
    5. Event link (zoom, other)
  2. We will:
    1. Upload info to all our meetup groups, most of our groups and members are in California and Texas.
    2. Send weekly updates about the event
    3. Create a landing/registration page
    4. Provide sponsor/speaker an email list registered people
    1. The sponsor/speaker is responsible for setting up the webinar platform (Zoom, go-to-meeting, other).
    2. The sponsor/speaker will be running the event without our assistance or help.
    3. The sponsor/speaker is solely and entirely responsible for the content and/or services/products offered if offered.
  3. Fee: $1,950


Next step:

  1. Provide 2 possible dates and times
  2. Provide contact info the liaison person for details needed as specified in section #1
  3. Provide a method of payment (check, credit card, venom, PayPal) so we can provide an invoice

For questions or coordinate a webianr time