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We offer experience-based educational courses and training for beginners and advanced investors. Courses are based on actual investing, mistakes, and success.

``Dani is the real-deal`` -Robert Shemin

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Dani Beitor, Simply Do It Founder is also the driving force behind RE Smarts. With over 16 years experience investing in US real estate, Dani uses his knowledge and experience to secure financial growth for beginners to experienced investors. Since 2004, Dani has worked with over 5,000 investors, helping them to build strong real estate property portfolios by investing in various US metros. On RE Smarts you can find a series of online seminars, classes, and videos, Dani has created, so that anyone who is interested in real estate investing can learn the principles, tools and strategies and benefit from his knowledge. His inspiring speeches motivate his audience to take action as well as teaching them fundamentals and advanced aspects of real estate investing.

Experience Based Education

Dani has over 16 years of experience working with investors and being an investor himself.


Get great knowledge about investing in Real Estate and tools to build a strong financial foundation using Real Estate in different US metros.

Over 5k Investors

Dani has worked with over 5,000 investors, helping them to build strong real estate property portfolios

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    What Our Customers Say

    “I have used Dani as my real estate investment coach. As a novice investor, Dani had helped me from the basic steps of underrating the foundation for investing in real estate, overcoming fears, figuring out where to invest, through working with me and preparing me for my field visits in different areas. He was there to guide me when things were not working smoothly and helped me come up with solutions to the different issues I had encountered. His creativity and focus helped me stay on track and not lose focus. His guidance and hand-holding approach enabled me to purchase my first investment property in May 2010. I’m already in the process of buying more properties. I cannot thank him enough for the time, effort, and the countless times he had put things in perspective. I like his underline real estate philosophy: TCP – Trust, Communication, and Persistence!”

    - Guy Rotberg -
    Berkeley, CA

    “Dani is very upfront, very analytical, and thinks outside the box. He goes the extra mile as a problem solver. Sometimes, I feel he is thrilled to tackle something different or new. I appreciate that he is very objective.”

    - Gracie Santos -
    Pleasanton, CA