By Powered by Simply Do It January 31, 2019 Not Boring vs. Boring Investment

Many investors are attracted to the cheaper property which is actually the NOT boring one. They find it more exciting to have such a property but in reality it turns out to be the a bigger hassle and more headache then they wanted to get into in the first place.

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By Powered by Simply Do It January 18, 2019 2018 US Migration Patterns by North American Van Lines

Every year Atlas Van Lines shares with us migration patterns happening in the United States for the past calendar year. We’ve been tracking those migration patterns for several years and it’s interesting to see then you’re after ear and seeing where Americans are moving to.

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By Powered by Simply Do It May 18, 2018 How To Beat The Competition

When homes sell in minutes and offers accept way over list price, how do you stand a chance? In recent…

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By Dani Beit-Or November 21, 2017 Private Crowdfunding

What’s Private Crowdfunding? Typically, crowdfunding is open to the crowd. In this case, we are keeping the crowd limited to…

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By Dani Beit-Or March 14, 2017 17 Tips to Becoming A Successful Real Estate Investor

We have put together some great pieces of advice for you – based on experience.
1. You don’t need a degree in engineering/business/MBA/etc. to succeed.
2. You don’t need to have a real estate license. A Real estate license talks mainly on disclosure, liabilities on what is allowed and what’s not allowed; plus real estate terminology. It teaches very little actual real estate investing. Getting a license requires time, attention, and energy – things that WILL create a disruption in your real estate investing journey.

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