Things The US Government Can Do to Help The Housing Market

IMG_1592There is more than one solution to a problem – defiantly for the tough economic times we are undergoing.
Here are couple of things the US Government can do:
1. GIVE OWNER FINANCING . A lender doesn’t have to be a bad word. Throughout the different entities and agencies the government owns  many properties. Offer very attractive loan programs to individuals will both enable to put people in homes and help get rid of properties. Heck, offer no money down programs. What’s the worst that can happen – if a borrower  doesn’t pay the gov. ends in exactly the same place it is in right now – who knows maybe the borrower will make payments for two year before defaulting. Think about as in the business of being GOOD – even if 10% default then it means as a government you had 90% success rate. And dear government these are your citizens you have just helped!
2. LET FOREIGNERS BUY. Foreigners look at the US and see opportunities everywhere.  Their biggest challenge is that banks don’t offer  them mortgage programs.  Not even conservative ones (nuts). Which spells out buying in CASH.  The government should do 2 things:
a. Set a conservative loan program, let’s say 40% down by the  borrower, and back the banks who will offer these programs.
b. Charge a foreign investor a fee (a special tax). Do the numbers.  For example if 500,000 foreign buyers  pay $5000 a special tax it will create an additional revenue of $250,000,0000 – no doubt a significant amount that can help the current economy.

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