Lien: Mulberry, FL @ 16.75%!!!!

Florida Tax Lien Certificate for Sale


Face Value: $483.99

Processing Fee: $195

Total Cost: $678.99

Interest Rate: 16.75%

Redeem Date: 4/1/10

Certificate #: 08-4281

Folio #: 1059682


Address: 5855 Corbett Ave., Mulberry, Fl, 33860

Property Type: Single Family


Bathrooms: 1

Year Built: 1926

Sq. Ft.: 624

Lot Size:

County: Polk

Parcel #: 23-30-36-156800-000590

Zillow Value: $61,000


Note this table provides a general idea a concept of the process. Exact fees and ROI figures can not be projected and are based on owner redemption time, county and state fees and regulations, and other factors.




22+ *









Estimated Earnings




Total if Redeemed


ROI if Redeemed



ROI if Bought at Property Auction


* If was not redeemed and goes through foreclosure and property auction sale

** Assuming additional fees and foreclosure fees – will vary from one county to another and from one property to another.



Property Public Records:



The current face value is $483.99 at 16.75% apy interest. The Investor must do any and all DUE DILIGENCE and research prior to buying this Tax Lien Certificate. The seller reserves the right, at seller’s discretion, to substitute this Tax Certificate with a Tax Certificate of equal or greater value to the Investor if this certificate is redeemed by the delinquent owner prior to transfer completion by the seller to the buyer.

THIS TWO BEDROOM ONE BATH HOME ON A .52 ACRE LOT COULD MAKE A GREAT INVESTMENT AND SHOULD SELL AT A NICE PROFIT. The house is next to Lake Mosaic just south of Mulberry, FL. The Zillow value is $61,000.  All information and pictures were taken from the websites of:, Bing Maps, Google Maps, Polk County Tax Collector and Property Appraiser. THE SELLER HAS NOT DRIVEN BY THE PROPERTY.

This will be your opportunity to own this property located at 5855 Corbett Ave, Mulberry, FL 33860, for VERY LITTLE MONEY. The purchase price ($483.99) and the transfer/processing fee ($195.00) are both due immediately upon purchase.




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Updated: 11/21/2009

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