Have 30k? Buy a House!

For as little as $30,000 you can buy yourself a nice investment property in a good area.


So what does it look like in real life?


For example:
Purchase price: $130,000
Down-payment(20%): $26,000
Closing and other fees: $4,000
Needed amount: $30,000
Rent: $1,300/month
Monthly expenses: $1,100
(Expenses factors: principal and interest, insurance, property taxes, property management, repairs, leasing fee, HOA and vacancy)
Monthly cashflow: $200


In 15 Years (2031)

Property value: $250,000
Total accumulated cashflow: $30,000
Mortgage balance: $70,000
Total equity earned: $220,000


A Typical House Looks Like

Schools: B+
Built: 1990+
Specs: 3/2, 2 car garage, 1500+ sq ft
Typical locations (metros): Tampa, Houston, Dallas-Ft Fort, Nashville
Ready local teams: Realtor, property manager, lenders, insurance agent

What Do You Need to Get Started

1. $30,000
2. Loan approval
3. The right market for you


Not Sure How to Start?

1. Call email Simply Do It
2. Setup a free Strategy Session (phone, Skype, in-person)
3. Get started


About Simply Do It

Simply Do It guides you through the entire process from pre-purchase to post-purchase. Once we help establish your goals and create a custom strategy, we help you select your investment property, guiding you and teaching you every step of the way. We believe that beginner real estate investing shouldn’t be taught in theory but in practice. With the experts by your side risk is mitigated and training is much more effective.


From property search to sign, we guide your entire real estate investing process.
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*The performance information shown are projections. These are not actual results. These projections are based upon various assumptions and representative properties. No representation is being made that a performance record similar to the projected returns will or is likely to be achieved. Appreciation is indicative and based on publicly available information. Not all investors may be able to qualify for financing at the interest rate used in our projections. Variations in holding periods for any property may affect projected returns. Simply Do It. is NOT an investment adviser and nothing in this communication should be construed to be an offer of securities. Simply Do It operates a real estate investment platform and does not engage in the offer or sale of securities. Simply Do It operates investment property market places for traditional and IRA based property investing. The Company is not an investment adviser, financial services, legal or tax advisor. For any such investment, financial services, legal or tax needs, please seek help from appropriate professionals. The Company is not a lender and the exact terms of any loan will be decided between the lender and the homeowner. Any loan related information provided is for informational purposes only. Information contained in this message should not be construed as a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security or financial product and this e-mail is not an official confirmation of any transaction.

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