Homes Are A Lot Like People…

…TLC, a healthy diet and even a little surgery may be required!  As a former nurse, I have come to learn the commonalities that Charlotte real estate shares with patients–they really do have a lot in common.  No anesthesia is required for the treatments necessary to remedy the home aging process though!   As homeowners, however, we may need a little anesthesia when we receive the maintenance bills if we don’t stay on top of our home’s aging process right from the beginning.
Needs a facelift
1. Homes get wrinkles, too. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve seen Charlotte homes for sale with sagging plaster, drooping windows and hanging doors.  Brand new “For Sale” signs sit out front, their clean, white sparkle starkly contrasting with the wrinkles.  It’s not attractive; the homes may be only ten years old (30 in house years!), but they look much older.  Be kind to your home – use a little cosmetic surgery when necessary.

Surgical Instruments

2. There ARE cosmetic surgeons available for homes. Only, in home-speak, they’re called “contractors.”   If you notice that your home has wrinkles and you want to sell it, see what replacements you can afford to have the contractor handle for you before putting your home on the market.  Windows?   They’re reasonably affordable on most budgets and can make a huge difference in how the house looks.  Hanging doors?  Not as affordable as windows, but still doable.  With $10,000 or less, you can give your home a major facelift.

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