What's My Benefit for Joining The Simply Do It Network?

Sharing our valued resource and tools with you.
Realtors & Property Manager Teams
Time is money! We took the time to do the due diligence by vetting our realtors, property mangers, and service providers, and educating them on how to work with our investors. They are Teams you can trust and not lose sleep at night! It’s super important – especially when you invest out of state. With our buying power, our teams want to keep us happy.
Choosing the Markets and Investment Properties
We have years of experience and are familiar with market trends. We work in markets where the numbers work, no hip or risky investments. We help you choose the right investment for your portfolio, helping you to eliminate mistakes and mitigate risks. This is a valuable decision to make which influences the success of your future investment.
We will share valuable tools with you, such as Analysis Tools, Owner’s Crash Course, and more!
Ongoing Support – From signing to post purchase and beyond.
Priceless! You are not alone in the process. We are here for you – to support you through the process, help with questions, and get involved when problems arise. Most importantly, we are here to help avoid mistakes that could cost you a pretty penny.
Access Ticket to Our Mentor – His Valuable Knowledge and Longtime Experience
Dani Beit-Or has over 16 years experience of working with thousands of investors. Once becoming our investor, you will have direct access to Dani’s advice and support for success. This mentoring, otherwise, doesn’t come cheap! (or this mentoring alone could cost you thousands of dollars.)
Insiders Only Deals
Due to Simply Do It’s buying power, we get deals that otherwise do not get listed and don’t show up on the MLS. These insider deals are offered to our investors – you.

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